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It's, It's, the Walrii Blitz


Y'all both are under attack! Two o' them flubberty whoffers aginst each o' ya!
Evvybuddy roll 1d6 for Speedo. Highest Speedo attacks first, next second, beep boop bop.
Dapper Jabber, you get a +1 on account o' yer magical mirror bit.



Speedo roll

1d6. Result: [5] = 5

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I gotta roll for my own fellows, here 'tis!

1d6. Result: (2) = 2

Speedo roll + 1...

1d6+1. Result: (4, 1) = 5

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Tough as they may seem, them gumboots ain't got nothin' on yer getchagotcha!

Ok, since we've got the DayTrippers stats in place now, from here out we'll use those. We have entered Combat Frames. Everybody say what you're attempting to do, then we'll all roll and compare our results.

My evul walrii are comin' atcha with bigflippers +1. All offense.

Rudy attempts to side step one while grabbing the other in a choke hold with his Jujitsu +1

2d6. Result: (4, 4) = 8

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Ah, so I see the roller works on the save function. So Rudys roll is a 5 total

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Yeah, but even cooler: You can type
and it will work!

...actually, go ahead and do that. :-)


2d6.takehighest(1)+1. Result: (6, 1, 1) = 7

I'm going to use my Shapechanging ability, and turn myself into a harpoon gun. While shouting to Rudy. That's Psyche +2...

2d6+2. Result: (3, 1, 2) = 6

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...and them walrii are rollin' 2d6+1...

2d6+1. Result: (3, 1, 1) = 5

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Dapper gets a YES result - indicating that his transformation is complete before the Frame is over - and Rudy gets a YES AND! Deftly side-stepping one walrus he grabs the other in a choke-hold... AND...

And......he chokes the walrus out and it slumps to the ground

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Delightful denoument for one odiferous odobenus! 1 XP for Rudy! A new Frame begins! Now the three remaining walrii are facing off against Rudy and attempting to flap him with their flipperoos! I'll roll now, and you guys state an action then roll. Remember: Dapper is a harpoon gun. A big fuckin' harpoon gun.

2d6.takehighest(1)+1. Result: (6, 1, 1) = 7

Dapper understands how to defeat any enemy, and to overcome these mighty anxious flubberty whoffers, he pulls out his secret defense. A harpoon isn't enough.

Dapper utilizes one of this secret hidden techniques and takes the appearance of what these flubberty whoffers' true hearts desire.

"Kill em with kindness, I always say," he cackles madly as his many-colored robes shift and twirl, and drawing from the deepest hearts of his foes, Dapper Jabber shifts into a... magically illusioned...

and roll

2d6.takehighest(1)+1. Result: (4, 1, 1) = 5

Outnumbered 3-1 by these blubbery brigands, Rudy draws his piece and shouts, "Back off before I fill ya full o lead!"


3d6. Result: (3, 3, 1) = 7

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That's a YES BUT for Rudy, which means that two of the assailants run screaming in fear, waving their flappy flippers as they go. 2XP for Rudy. But the third opponent continues pressing the attack (which I will roll for in a mo.)

Meanwhile Dapper pulls a NO AND. That means his transformation goes awry, and he is stuck between two forms at the end of the frame: part big-ass harpoon gun, part sexy mermaid. He gets 1 XP because he learned something about how not to do it. At this moment, however, he is a semi-recognizable twisted mass of scaly flesh and polished metal, with a wicked-sharp barbed shaft protruding from between his bouncy breasts.

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New Frame Begins! Here's the roll for the walrus, who is trying to slap the gun out of Rudy's hand. He's focusing entirely on Rudy, because frankly, the breasty harpoon thing kinda freaks him out. Everybody state your action then make your roll.

The number to beat is...

2d6.takehighest(1)+1. Result: (5, 1, 1) = 6

While the fight ensues, a magnificent aroma is wafting down the empty street... It is the smell of bacon, and the keen-eyed observer will notice the Lady Herself standing in a nearby alleyway, watching intently.

"It is I, Lady Bacon," I mutter, but nobody hears me because my whispers are covered by the soft sound of sizzling.