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Rudy Belches


Around that time, Rudy comes a-walkin' out of his favorite watering hole and lets out a loud whiskey belch, when just down the block what does he see but a flippin' bird contest between Mister Dapper Jabber and some sort of walrus.

Rudy, two things strike you malphonious about this altercation. FIrstly, you've seen a walrus like this before, in the midst of a DT-influenced vision. You know they spit. And secondly, you remember this Dapper fellow. Tell us why.



Rudy squints and rubs his eyes, sure enough that walrus is still there. He shakes out a smoke and lights up, grey smoke wreathing around his head. I'll be damed he did that Jabber guy get mixed up with that mustachioed malefactor. Rudy takes another long drag and chuckles. After getting booted from the force he tried his hand at playing the numbers. Of course his luck always ran the same and when he came up short Mister Dapper Jabber came to collect the bill. Looks like he'd pick a fight with anybody, even a walrus.

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Well, wouldn'ya know, that ol' Jabber done got hisself into a tarmound o' trouble. 'Cuz out o' the glimmerin' squidgies of yer slinky side-eyes you see another trio of walrii, each gesticulatin' whorlfully and flippin' birds in all directions.

From the looks of it they got racist tendencies, and have made an erronious and automatical assumption that you and Jabber are the closest of bosoms, the best of buddlies, all backthumps and wibbletitties. Which means two of 'em are a-comin' fer you, and that third one is a-headin' for Jabber.

I'm gonna throw y'all together now.

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