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Narrative Control - Horizontal and Vertical

I've talked about the difference between Narrative and Story, and about the nature of Narrative Structures. Now I'm going to show you how I'm applying that theory in game design. From the DayTrippers GameMasters Guide: You can't know the Story until it emerges, because its whole shape depends on...

Using the Story Circle for Episodic Sessions

[This is a lightly-edited reprint of a post on the DayTrippersRPG Subreddit, based on another post to the DayTrippers Patreon blog.] Those who have read the DayTrippers GameMasters Guide know that part of the GM's job in a "full-book" DayTrippers session is to control the "vertical" position of...

[DayTrippers] Difficulty Tables: Feats of Prowess

Here's some stuff from works-in-progress, denoting DLs for various types of physical/athletic activity using the DayTrippers system. Jiggle the DL numbers and it should be useful for just about any system that involves human physical activity. STANDING LONG JUMP, IN FEET DL Distance...

[DayTrippers] Open Source Rules - ASCII Edition

Did you know that the original DayTrippers source rules* are available in text-only format for your edification, amusement and hacking? Well yes it's so! PWYW, right here: * The DayTrippers open source rules were first...

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