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Automated GM Tools and Cartesian Ontology

René Descartes defined this division between Res Extensa - the stuff of the world of extension - and Res Cogitans - the stuff of the world of thought. In the radical view of Cartesian Dualism, of course, these are separate substances existing on separate planes. Within a materialist worldview, it...

Chase Mechanics in CORE

In last night's CORE session, three reality-sliders tumbled through four scenarios:- Resurrect Frankenstein's Monster & teach him love- Camel race to save the baby Jesus- National dance competition vs Evil- Car chase thru 1972 farmers market to deliver Pulsing Tesseract to The...

Elthos RPG & Mythos Machine - GM Tools for Creating Your Own Worlds

Are you a GM who loves to create your own Worlds... but maybe you find the many tasks involved a bit too time consuming and would like to have some help? Elthos RPG Mythos Machine are here for you. Elthos RPG is a genre neutral traditional style RPG that focuses on light-weight but...

GM-Facing PbtA Moves

Has anyone turned the approach of PbtA Moves around, to be GM-facing? "When they are doing this... Activate This Rule" etc? Could be an interesting exercise.

Narrative Control - Horizontal and Vertical

I've talked about the difference between Narrative and Story, and about the nature of Narrative Structures. Now I'm going to show you how I'm applying that theory in game design. From the DayTrippers GameMasters Guide: You can't know the Story until it emerges, because its whole shape depends on...

Tabloo - Table Formatting Tool

ANNOUNCER: Hello, friends in RPG space... Do you make a lot of tables when designing games or adventures? Do you find it a pain? Do you wish it could be somehow... automated? SFX: RECORD SCRATCH ANNOUNCER: Well check out dis shiz, homies. TABLOO is a free interactive table...

Using the Story Circle for Episodic Sessions

[This is a lightly-edited reprint of a post on the DayTrippersRPG Subreddit, based on another post to the DayTrippers Patreon blog.] Those who have read the DayTrippers GameMasters Guide know that part of the GM's job in a "full-book" DayTrippers session is to control the "vertical" position of...

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