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Are scene framing mechanics out of fashion?

In the newer games I've played recently, I haven't noticed much in the way of mechanics dealing with how to set or end a scene. At most, more freeform games are 'take turns in a circle to frame a scene. The scene ends when the person who framed it decides it does', and I haven't noticed anything...

Empirical Agency: A Spectrum of Design

Once upon a time, when my only RPG experiences were fairly crunchy games and my own campaigns were heavy Sims, I believed that there was a spectrum of design when it came to mechanics, and that spectrum ran from "playability" to "specificity." I was wrong. Let me clarify; The spectrum...

Gamism does not require carefully pre-detailed rules; why is it Western engineering?

Gamism does not require well-defined and agreed-upon rules mechanics. Note that I am not claiming we do not have a pretty well-defined system (in the Forge sense: how we decide what happens next in the fiction). But the mechanics, as in how precisely we figure out what happens next, are loose and...

PbtA Moves: Types and Normalization

Ben Roswell of Small Planet Games has put together this breakdown of mechanical effects across four classes of PbtA Move. The general idea is that a well-designed character class should have moves that cover all four of these quadrants:

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