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Continuation on Mythic Play Style - from Story-Games

Hello, This thread is a direct continuation of a thread from the former Story-Games. I wasn't sure how to proceed so for now (or until I get instructions on some other way to proceed) I'll just link back to the originating thread. My apologies if this runs afoul of site procedures. Here is...

Edited Discussion on Mythic Games (with Combat Transcript)

Earlier this year Jay (Silmenume) and I had a long discussion about the Middle Earth game he plays in, which has been discussed before here as well as on Story-Games and the Forge. Jay kindly shared with me some Actual Play recordings of his group, since I was considering running a game in a...

The mythic perspective (also credibility, game state)

There are different ways of looking at roleplaying games. Presenting such ways is one of the major benefits of rpg theory, in my opinion. Credibility This is the by-now classical Forge theory perspective. Who has the right to establish what in a roleplaying game? Maybe you take turns to say a...

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