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Cobralingus #1

This is a game of Cobralingus. See rules at right (or at the bottom of the page, for you mobile people). For the INPUT text, I am quoting the definition of "Roleplaying Game" from Wikipedia. Anyone who wishes to may go next. Here it is: INPUT: A role-playing game is a game in which players...

PBF Membership - Happy Festivus!

As a holiday gift to all who have posted in the Fictioneers forum this year, I am granting you Charter Status as Facilitators in the Fictioneers Play-By-Forum system. If you look in the top menu and you see a new entry - "Campaigns" - this means you. The Campaigns page is the main games...

Play Cobralingus!

Who doesn't love surrealist word games? You can now play COBRALINGUS on Fictioneers! All are welcome to join the madness. Here's the link:

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