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Author Credit Lists

So here's something I want to do, and I'm considering the best way to do it:

If you're an author of a game (or games) listed here, I'm planning to add a list of your games (and links to their pages) that will automatically appear on your profile page. "Games by XXX". The tricky part is that your published name isn't necessarily the same as your username, so there needs to be a "bridge" between the two data types. And a way for me to collect the data, because I won't necessarily recognize you as an author simply by your username.

I guess as far as claiming authorship goes, you could just do that right here.

My UI question is whether I should put a field on the Game Listing Form pointing to the author's user account, or whether (other way around) it should be a field on the author's profile pointing to a list of choosable games. The latter is easier on me but more open to potential abuse. Thoughts?

Personally, I think it's

Personally, I think it's better to do the easier one. It's open to abuse, BUT in theory you can curtail that abuse with careful moderation.

I would definitely find it

I would definitely find it useful to have different games by the same author linked together somehow. So that when I see a game that I like, I can click the author link, and see other games that they made and stuff they said here on the forum. Or the other way, clicking on a person in the forum to see the games they made. Ideally, it would go in both directions, because both are useful.

I have added a field for

I have added a field for "Games I Designed/Worked on," which you can find by editing your profile and clicking the "Public" tab. This creates a public list on your profile page. If your games are in the Fictioneers directory and you use the "Game Link" button, the list items will be automatically linked to their game info pages.

Currently working on making

Currently working on making author names clickable in game listings, and clicking the name will lead to a page showing all games by that author. ETA some time tonight.

Games Listing and Authors

I wonder if it would make sense to be able to "link" user profiles to authors listed in the game directory.

It probably shouldn't be automatic, but maybe something the admin does (you do). A way to connect a forum account/profile to a listed "author" in the Games Directory. Would help connect the whole thing, rather than everyone having to do it manually.

That's doable

That's doable, though it might have to be the sort of thing an author requests and I implement on a case-by-case basis, because there's no guarantee your username matches your pen name.

I agree!

As I wrote in my post, above, as well. Thanks!

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