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Conversations about the conception, development, design, production, playtesting and publication of RPGs and storygames.
324 Quick card game
by Paul T.
Jan 9 2020
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General discussion about specific RPGs, storygames, actual plays, gaming podcasts, gaming blogs, and anything related.
310 Why are investigative games fun?
by Paul T.
Jan 16 2020
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Customized character classes, splats, mods, optional rules, skins and takeovers: the place to discuss game hacks.
17 Burnout Mechanic for PbtA games
by Nathan H.
Jun 24 2019
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Search for like-minded players, GMs or online companions in the roleplaying mindspace. Play here, or set up for games elsewhere.
31 [Interest] Experimental playtesting circle
by DeReel
1 day 6 hours ago
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Tell us about your recent developments, releases, and promotional campaigns: we want to know!
36 Tabloo - Table Formatting Tool
by Tod
Jan 12 2020
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The place to get geeky, abstract, critical, theoretical, structural, functional, mechanical, reductionist, hermeneutic, academic and/or wonky.
179 State of the Big Model?
by Paul T.
8 hours 26 min ago
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68 RPG Wiki
by DeReel
Jan 4 2020
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36 Potential Tracking Bug
by webtech
Jan 2 2020
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