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Editing game entries?

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Editing game entries?

Is it possible to edit exiting entries for games? Whoever created the listing for my game The Extraordinary Adventures of Baron Munchausen has listed it as a '3' for crunch--it has half a page of rules and can be taught in under a minute--and gives almost no information about the game itself. The 'excerpt' is the first paragraph from the back cover. I'd like to do a better job.

Also, can we have a field for the year when a game was released?


-James Wallis

Happy to do it, James!

Happy to do it, James! You can send email to with your replacement text. As for publication years, it would be a tall order to go through the database and add all that data, but I will put it on the wishlist. For now, perhaps a mention within the descriptive text?

Many thanks

That's fantastic, and 'm very grateful. I've emailed you text for a revised and rather longer entry.

This goes for everyone, btw

If you're the designer of a game that's listed here, and you'd like to change the descriptive text or replace the chosen excerpt, all you gotta do is drop a line.

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