Forum Topic per Game?

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So, there's this idea I'm kicking around... You may have noticed that (for logged-in users) you can comment beneath every game listed in the directory. Of course, before the forum existed there wasn't much reason to sign up, so many people were never even aware of this feature, and it was rarely used.

What I'm considering is pulling those threads into the forum. One Topic per title. Not sure which forum exactly - probably "Play" or a new one.

I could bring em all in at once, but that would create 300+ topics with no comments in them. If I were to do this, I think it would be better to only pull them in when they get at least one comment ("out there").

Does it make sense to pull those threads in here? Or am I overthinking this, and the comments are fine out there where they are? What's your opinion?

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I would think a separate forum for individual game threads might make the most sense. Generate the threads automatically when the comments are made, so no empty threads exist.

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Ok, this has been implemented - you should see new buttons that say "Discuss This!" under each game listing out there - but I need some of you guys to help me test em out. Please go to the page for a game you'd like to talk about, and talk about it!