Garden of the Gods - Palladium Fantasy RPG is shipping now

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A sourcebook for the Palladium Fantasy RPG. It has shipped to all who pre-ordered.

Although written for the Palladium Fantasy RPG world, it is adaptable to any Fantasy setting. The Garden itself has characteristics that take it beyond the ordinary, meaning it is known to the Gods and subtly influenced by them. The various statues within include many known and little known Gods plus some that were unknown, till now. The descriptions for each God, and sometimes a related pantheon, are not just about the powers and artifacts they can bestow on Champions and others, but represent a combined epic history that includes many different races. And the Garden is still a work in progress with additional statues being discovered in a portion of the Garden known as the Primeva.

Highlights include:

212 Blessings that provide additional help to heroes and Champions of the gods.
101 magic artifacts.
45 forgotten gods.
50+ Curses and dark magic.
100+ random quests and encounters. Plus each god offers additional adventure hooks.