Looking for players for a game of Ghost/Echo (online)

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Hello, everybody,
I'm looking for some players who might be interested in playing a game of ghost/echo, online. Given the fact that many of you might be missing your regular face-to-face gaming. I thought I'd see if there's anybody interested in playing a one-shot online.


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The setup is Skype for voice and Fictioneers Handy PbP Suite for dice rolling and documents sharing, campaign name Ghost/Echo. I can't get doc upload to work right now, though). If the problem persists, we'll simply roll and load down here.

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For DeReel
goal listen for echoes, find a distraction to send the dogs to
danger, the bigger fish wants to eat us too

2d6. Result: (2, 4) = 6
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You did provide us with an improvised playground : many thanks to you !
As you see, the virus of PbP sometimes has an incubation phase of one year or so.

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I don't know what we do with this list :
Wraith dog bites Coil’s arms, Dog Wraith drains Coil, Coil falls unconsciousness, Coil gets dragged away by dog Wraith
Wraith bites Grip’s heel as he climbs and pulls him down
Spotted by counter-measures, Railroad police comes
Giant spider Wraith eats us

Also, Harm.

In fact, I have an idea : let's old dangers come back at us as Ghost echoes but in the real world !

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... it was more technical. There was no set experiment, but circumstances made the question invite itself due to poor connection : how to manage the back and forth. My conclusion : questions really shine, all formats, including very pointy assumptions, as long as you leave room for large player agency. It's a simple and efficient way to invite the other into your character's life or ask for an invite. Better so that "RP or even TSoY Keys. Something like AW, MH and Dream askew. Something that was much looked for, around a decade ago. We can discuss this here (or at the ESP lab), and of course it's open !

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Hull has been dragged alright. Those are the dangers that *remain*. That is : we can reincorporate them whenever we want another serving of danger. Which I have a tooth for. I don't know, maybe we cleared more, maybe less. Maybe each line is just one danger in various flavours. We'll see.
BTW, my ability is a bit analogous to "take Harm whenever you can". Can we say I know how to sense the datastream ? The danger being wraith come and see who it is sniffing around their neighbourood.