Migrating Posts from story-games.com

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(As originally posted on S-G)

Did ya ever wanna start a thread over again? Well, now's your chance. This is a standing invitation to copy and post any of your OPs from story-games.com into some appropriate subforum at fictioneers.net.

I don't want to get anyone angry about their text being appropriated without their consent, so if you choose to do this, I ask that you copy over only your OP and any of your own comments from the thread that illuminate the OP. Please do not copy anyone else's comments or posts unless you receive their permission to do so. I will delete without reservation any content the original author wishes removed; this goes for quotes as well as entire posts. So if you see yourself being quoted and you don't like it, all you have to do is contact me.

I rather expect that many of those who participated in the thread the first time around will be unwilling (understandably so) to repost their original comments, and I don't see a lot of point in repeating the original conversations. Instead, I see this as a chance for you to introduce your topics to some new people, and allow the conversation (if it mote be) to move in a totally different way. You've changed since then. So has everything else.

Gilles Deleuze interpreted Nietzsche's "Eternal Return" to be a return not of Identicality but of Difference: the rhizomic return of an underlying abstract machine, manifesting in a different time and guise, to unfold in a way that diverges from its previous actualizations; the repetition of that which differs-from-itself, or, in Nietzsche's terminology, the repetition of being as becoming.

So this is that.