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New Site Features

This is where I'll announce new features on the site. Small ones, anyway.
Rather than creating a new thread each time a feature is added, I'll just post to this one.

Forum Post Lists

I have added a list of Forum Posts to everyone's Profile page (it only shows up after you've posted in the forum at least once). This will make it easy to find all posts by a single author, just go to their profile page.

Sticky Header on Games Listing Table

I made the header row sticky at the top of the page when viewing the games listings table. The table headers will now remain in place as you scroll down the page, making the table easier to parse. It's the little things. :-)

Spoiler Tags

This is a test.
[spoiler]Ash is a robot![/spoiler]
Ok, that works.
How about another?
[spoiler]The butler did it.[/spoiler]

To create a spoiler, select the text you want to hide and click the "no eyeball" button.

Dice Roller

Dice Roller added to the comment form in the "Play" forum. This will allow people to play any sort of PBF game right there in-thread.

"Games I Designed/Worked on" field

Added a field for "Games I Designed/Worked on," which you can find by editing your profile and clicking the "Public" tab.

"Notify Me" buttons (subscribe to thread)

Wanna follow a thread? Click the "Notify Me" button at the top of any forum thread and you will get email notifications when comments or updates are made.

Author names in game listings

Author names in game listings are now clickable, and clicking the name will lead to a page showing all games by that author.
Authors: If you haven't got all your games listed in the directory, now might be a good time to get em in there!

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