Otherkind: Attack on Titan

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I'm hacking Psi*Run, or more precisely Run For Your Life for my students to play jaegers in the AoT series' setting.

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The "other media" section of the Attack on titan Wiki article is waiting for your work to be finished and named. By which I mean : this anime is all the rage.
How is it a race from something and toward something. And what are these things ?
I was told it's a "SF cave myth" sort of story, that is : heroes go where their fellow citizens don't dare going and have the revelation that their previous beliefs on reality had been narrowly framed. So I'll make a guess that PCs run from Titans toward a revelation.
What would you say Run for your life brings to Psi*Run ?

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Okay, this AoT inspired game was maybe more close to Otherkind Dice than Psi*Run. Players weren't running from anything. They were the rear guard during the siege of Season 1 trying to mitigate the casualties and hunt down Titans that wandered off from the battle zones. My students loved it!

BTW Run for your life is just a bit more generic version of Psi*Run.

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Here is the link. Its in Hungarian but I think you can get the basics with the following Otherkind dice slots:

  1. Impaired
  2. Goal
  3. Reveal
  4. Speed -> Capture -> Decapitation
  5. Gear (blades and gas pressure, similar in function to Psi)
  6. Harm