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Preparation // Reincorporation

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Preparation // Reincorporation

Hello, leading french RPG theorist kF has written a series of articles on "solidity" mentioning @2097's blorb framework
1- The concept of solidity is that while fictional facts are usually declared during the game, some are built and built upon, so they become more solid.
2 According to kF, solidity can also simply be trusted to exist, for instance if we have reasons to think that the fact is written on the character sheet or in the adventure module.
1 reminds me strngly of reincorporation, when 2 is rooted in preparation.
So this idea came to me: heavily prepared play builds its solidity on actualizing the past preparation, while heavily improvised play entrusts its solidity to future reincoporation of any given proposition made during the game.
There's a nice symetry to it: trusting in the past vs trusting in the future.
It's obvious, in a way, but it is also a pretty precise thesis.
And it leads to other considerations, so even if it's not correct, it's true in some way.
You know how tokens in PrimeTime Adventures are here to teach players the importance of appreciation? Well something tells me written preparation is also a tool to teach the importance of reincorporation.

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