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Hello @webtech ,
Fictioneers are playing places not this forum, either through visio conferences or through PbF. It's sad for the development you put in the PbF part but I think it's sunken. Or maybe you have ideas on how to bring it afloat again. On the other hand, the game index is a solid, and so are Game resources.

I'll use this thread to submit resources :
The Zero dice roller is an overlooked gem. I think it deserves to go along the togetherness table.

Submitting Resources

Ok, so thanks for the idea: Now if you are a "real person" (that's an unofficial role I assign to user accounts I know for sure to be actual humans), you can add a Resource from your Profile page. Link should be in the right sidebar.
If you're logged in, this link will take you straight to the resource form.

If that link doesn't work for you, it's probably because I haven't noted your real personhood. Drop me a line and I'll fix that.

The PBF module - never extremely used - got hit pretty hard by the recent spambot injections. It will be some time before I'm able to think about what should be done with it.

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