A token game

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Here's a model for a BoB x Technoir hybrid. I can't playtest it until a few weeks, but you can tell me what difficulties you foresee. For example : "if someone moves the dice by mistake, the game is derailed." or "why use die instead of tokens ?"

Narrate a story together.
For a given scene, you can be in it as your character = a Protagonist, as some aspect of the World = a Reality Agent, or just be a Spectator.

You start with a number of Assets. Each Asset can have 3 descriptive or evocative tags. You can have as many assets as there are other players. You can store 1 die on each tag. When a tag is covered by a die, it's blocked and can't be invoked.

When you (meaningfully) invoke a tag in your narration, you have priority concerning the topic at hand
Scene Protagonists can invoke their tags
Reality Agents can invoke tags from their Reality zone on the Story sheet
Neutral Spectators can invoke any tags
You can invoke as many tags as you want

After each turn, narrate a change in the narration and move one die to reflect it. That's the definition of a turn : where everyone gets to move a die.
(For situations like the Sad Hill Truel, you can agree on making your moves simultaneous and secret.)
When you take a die from some place, write a tag where the die was. If there's already a tag there, change it. If it's on the Story sheet, you can draw a tag-line to divide the Story sheet anyway you want
When you narrate and play a die, you choose where it lands and gain higher narrating priority about this topic. That's usually the point of moving a die
If the die lands on a tag, this tag can't be invoked as long as it's covered. If it's another player's, frame the action and ask them what happens then. That's possibly another benefit of moving a die

Scene Protagonists can play dice from their sheet
Reality Agents can play dice from their Reality zone on the Story sheet
Neutral Spectators can play dice from the Story sheet to the Story sheet
Anyone can play coloured theme dice wherever

The Story sheet has no limit on tags or tag-lines. Tag-lines are not jokes, they are lines, straight or not, that divide the Story sheet into various Reality zones.
You can't add tags about other players' characters on the Story sheet but you can ask them to.