Adventure Time

A fan-made creation based on the TV series, using D&D 4E mechanics. The game includes 18 playable species, 6 character classes, 50+ monsters directly from the show, and a full 17 page adventure.

NOTE from the author - Though I’m not releasing a new version just for this, people reading this original post should note that hit points should be initially calculated using your constitution SCORE, not your constitution MODIFIER.

Game Type: 
Roleplaying Game
4 - Moderately Crunchy

There are many, many, many different creatures across the Land of Ooo and the adjacent planes. Listing them all would probably take, I dunno, an hour or something. Too long. Anyway, chapter three contains 18 different species available for you to play. They are composed primarily of species that have appeared repeatedly in the show, although some (like bees) are just in there because I like them. Dogs are notably absent, primarily because most dogs do not have Jake's stretchy powers. Humans and vampires are also not included because as far as we know, only one of each exists.