Adventures Dark and Deep

An imagining of what AD&D 1st edition might have looked like if Gary Gygax had remained to design a new edition. Starts with the 1E rules and then applies the changes Gygax had been discussing in Dragon magazine and elsewhere, including Mountebanks, Savants, etc.

Game Type: 
Roleplaying Game
5 - Highly Crunchy


The mountebank is a sub-class of the thief, an inveterate con-man and
huckster, relying more on his skills of misdirection and confusion than on
physical pilfering, but not entirely unskilled in many of the more traditional
thiefly arts as well. Mountebanks also have a small amount of knowledge of
magic, which they use to aid in their confidence games.

Mountebanks must have a minimum dexterity of 9, an intelligence of 10, and
a charisma of 12. They use a six-sided hit die and may be of any non-lawful
alignment. Mountebanks may belong to any race save wild elves, but nonhuman
mountebanks have restrictions on how high they may advance in

Mountebanks have the following powers and skills:

* Disguise
* Performing and prestidigitation
* Spellcasting ability
* Alchemy
* Thieves’ Cant
* Verbal patter

Mountebanks may use any type of armor, but some will impose penalties on
their skills (see below). They may not use shields. They may become
proficient in the following weapons: caltrop, club, hand crossbow, dagger,
dart, garrote, hand axe, knife, sap, sling, long sword, short sword, and
quarterstaff. Those using weapons in which they are not proficient will suffer
a -3 penalty “to hit” (see p. 88 for details).