And You Shall Shatter Temples

A GM-less game for 2-4+ players about rising up against an overwhelming power that is trying to crush you. All you have is what you carry with you, and those who rise up by your side. Together, you can turn the tide. Together, you can dethrone a god. This game was written for the "Attack and Dethrone God Jam." It is played with a deck of playing cards and some six-sided dice.

Game Type: 
Collaborative Story
Powered by the Apocalypse
2 - Focus/Imagination

First Confrontation
You step within your God's domain, and confront the first embodiment of their power. Which one of them is it? Work together to describe them, then choose one among you to step up and attack this symbol. When you attack, roll 2d6.

  • on a 6 or less, you hurt them, but you lose something in the process. What is it? If you want to, you may choose to lose the card that represents your means of fighting.
  • on a 7-9, you succeed in overcoming them, but you stumble. Next time you roll, detract 1 from the resulting number.
  • on a 10+, you succeed, and claim the symbol of their power, making something of your own from it. Describe how.