Two good friends. They're "just" friends, you know. But there's of course a misunderstanding with the family of one of them… And now, things are about to get socially awkward.

Awkward is a family-comedy role-playing game for 5 players which purports to be the "New Wave of Italian Freeform". Whatever that means.

Game Type: 
Roleplaying Game
Collaborative Story
1 - Super Easy

Present time, real world, just a regular evening.
There are two characters who are good friends, but – for whatever reason – can’t often spend time together. You’ll give them a name when you play, but in these rules we just reference them as ‘X’ and ‘Y’.
X and Y are both adults, currently single, and they are or at least appear to be (according to the society at large, no matter how they feel themselves) of different genders. There’s no romance going on between them: they’re just good friends.
There are two more characters to this story: X’s parents, whom Y is just about to meet for the first time. For whatever reason (the details are left for the players to establish), both friends are going to spend the night – or possibly multiple nights – at X’s parents’ house. This game is all about the awkwardness of that first evening together, when Y has just arrived and is getting to know X’s family.
It’s awkward because of course the parents are incorrectly assuming that X and Y are actually a couple!

Rules of the Game
There are two main rules to adhere to:
1. It’s just regular everyday life
Don’t try to come up with anything contrived or overtly dramatic. Think small. No laser-sharks.
2. They’re just friends
Maybe they share a storied past, but right now X and Y are “just” good friends, and that’s what they’re going to stay throughout play. It’s against the rules to change their relationship to a romance (or enmity, or anything else) during the game.