The Bloody-Handed Name of Bronze

Sorcery and violent passion in a world of desire. Inspired in equal parts by Conan and Samson; Cugel and Thetis; the Epic of Gilgamesh and the pulp fiction of Weird Tales,The Bloody-Handed Name of Bronze is a roleplaying game of sexy, bloody tales of cunning, glory, and a universe with a sense of humor.

Players alternate, depending on the circumstances within the game, between portraying their character and the Names of the World, from venal courtier, to stout and storied city wall, to the thundering voice of a volcano. Play is designed to feel like a Conan or Dying Earth short story. Your character might recur with their destiny intact, or you might wish to bring in new fated heroes and namedealers.

Play works one-on-one or with up to four players, and takes from an hour for a one-on-one game to three hours for four players.

Game Type: 
Roleplaying Game
Collaborative Story
2 - Focus/Imagination

Chose your Fate:

A foretold hero, borne by the Great Names, a hero whose destiny is foretold by oracles? A hero whose bronze-flashing helm and bright banner are feared by the very Great Names who command them, whose very death makes the Great Names tremble to hear of their entry into the Waters of the Underworld?
- Or -
A dealer-in-names, whose skill with their tongue might catch the ear of the sky itself; or of a city guard, as vain as they are useful; or of a lover, whose passion becomes as strong as the sea that bears their name?

No laws govern you, for there are none in the world but those of cities that will one day be sand, and tribes that will be lost in it. The sun rises because the sky awakes and wishes to do so; a rock falls because it desires to be with its mother-lover in the Waters of the Underworld; a city wall stands only as long as it is proud of its mighty Lion-Queen. When a namedealer can offer better, the names of nature respond and their will becomes that of the namedealer with whom they treat.