Bugs of Venus

A "Lady Blackbird" hack featuring survivors under the alien bugs who have taken over the planet Earth. You need a copy of these rules, pencils for all players and some scratch paper, and a handful of 6 sided dice. This is a "dice pool" game which means players may be rolling upwards of 10 dice on a single roll. You may also want several larger dice to represent the Bugs.

Game Type: 
Roleplaying Game
3 - Mildly Crunchy

They came suddenly, when we first cracked Venus's rocky crust. Billions of them. Of every shape imaginable. They can withstand incredible heat and pressure. They do not need to breathe. They cannot be reasoned with. We have clung on for generations, but our re-sources dwindle. EDF expeditions launch deeper into hostile territory every year. However, the EDF Marines are all well trained in combat and survival. Trained to hunt without being seen. Trained to laugh at the mortality of their own ranks. We have each volunteered for the EDF for our own reasons, but we now have one mission. Keep. Humanity. Alive.