The Clay That Woke

"Generations ago four infant minotaurs were pulled from the mud of the eternal river." The players play one of their descendants, a nameless minotaur torn between their unjust slave existence in a decadent metropolis civilization and an eerie, perilous jungle. Their world "will find its future" in their doings. The Clay That Woke is a roleplaying game set in a richly-imagined world, with immersive character play guided by an inspiring, unique, token-based oracle.

Game Type: 
Roleplaying Game
3 - Mildly Crunchy

"The old cities that coalesced geographically and culturally to become the Dégringolade had names like Lehekhesh and Rhomoon and Khostalush. Those names still remain as the names of neighbourhoods and districts, but the centuries of man and nature have made the ancient cities all but unrecognizable today to the Dégringolade´s spirits and immortals. For a thousand years the neighbourhood taxes and leadership of the empyrei promoted trade and the arts and kept the jungle at bay and the walls and streets and canals in repair, and the city was great like no other in the world. But this hasn´t been the case now for generations. The jungle has penetrated the Dégringolade. Epiphytes are everywhere. Strangler figs and banyans sunder buildings and warp and shade the streets. When roofs or upper storeys collapse, they are replaced with thatch, or lattice and vines. Streets that were once paved are now dirt, with the original stones scavenged for new construction or buried by flood sediment.
Ant the empyrei, though they still levy and operate hyper-local governments and sometimes settle disputes their power is eroded and their glory tarnished. They are for ages now turned inward, into family politics, ruthlessness, and pettiness, an intrinsic reification of a culture unfavorable to its own rebirth."