Danger Mountain!

The game of 70s environmental disaster movies. Mother Earth is crying, and she will have her revenge. The game is divided into two parts - before the disaster and during the disaster - and can be played by 2-6 light-hearted, melodramatic friends. Four is probably best. There is no GM.

Pre-disaster play is all about showcasing the town and its denizens, their relationships and concerns. Post-disaster play is all about raw survival, and all those people you've formed relationships with are going to need the help of a few Heroes! In both parts of the game, individual players have scenes, during which they enjoy wide creative latitude.

Game Type: 
Collaborative Story
1 - Super Easy

Attempting a Rescue
To rescue a victim, the players need to collectively roll one or more even numbers, which count as successes, on the dice they have available. Dice are normally rolled one at a time. Anyone may contribute a die to a rescue attempt. Starting with the player whose scene it is, go around the table either rolling a die or passing. You can collectively choose to abandon a victim at any time by simply passing all the way around the table. That victim is then dead, swept away, burned up, lost forever.