Devils in the Details

You are imps: you are puny, cowardly, clumsy, mean, inept, and ambitious. You all serve a powerful demon, and if you impress them they may let you reincarnate as something stronger or smarter or less smelly. You have your eye on a gift for your master, but there's no way in Hell you can get to it on your own. Maybe you could together. First though, you need a plan, and the more complicated it is, the better you look.

Devils in the Details is a comedy roleplaying game about incompetent imps arguing over a convoluted and unlikely heist. To play, you'll need 2-6 players, a bunch of index cards, red and black markers, a couple six-sided dice, and 1-3 hours.

Game Type: 
Collaborative Story
2 - Focus/Imagination
  • In the Setup, the players describe their imps and determine the heist’s Prize and two Obstacles.
  • In the Scheme, the players roleplay the imps as they prepare for their heist. The imps take turns proposing Obstacles and the Plans to solve them.
  • In the Execution, the players take turns narrating how the imps fumble through their Plans, steal their Prize, and flee!
  • In the Epilogue, the players find out if their hard work and stolen Prize pleases their master.