A roleplaying game of interdimensional agents traveling between realms to solve missions in a world where reality is coming apart. What You Need to Play: one copy of the Character Sheet for each Player, a full Opposition Deck (or a normal deck of poker cards), a Framing card, a Lead card and an Opposition Clock card. Also you must get: a bunch of six sided dice: six white (6d6), six black (6d6), six blue (6d6), pencils & erasers & white sheets to take notes ... and possibly some postits.

Game Type: 
Roleplaying Game
Collaborative Story
4 - Moderately Crunchy

The world of Dreamwake is a strange and bizarre one. It is our world, in a not too distant future, scarred beyond recognition by an unexplainable global event that turned solid reality into something fluid, wild and malicious. You will face challenges in the cutthroat society of The World Inside and explore the strangeness of The World Outside, while resisting the double-edged lure of Deliria. Human encampments sheltered by the ravages of madness are called "bastions". Each bastion is, in many ways, an island lost in a dangerous and stormy sea; long distance communication is impossible and any kind of travel is perilous at best. Thus, each bastion can be very different, with its own indigenous sub-culture, unique problems and trends.