Elthos RPG

Create your own World. Elthos is a traditionalist style medium-light weight RPG framework focused on helping GMs create their own Worlds of any genre. It features a web application called The Mythos Machine that fully supports the Elthos RPG Framework with a comprehensive set of integrated tools for world building and character creation and management. The conflict resolution system was designed for fast play via a simple yet effective comparison of Skill Level vs Difficulty Level for all skills and powers. Create your own world, its places, campaigns, adventures, weapons, armors, races, classes, and more... and let the Mythos Machine do the record keeping and number crunching for you. Access the Mythos Machine via a web browser and continue to expand your World any time, any place. Your World awaits you.

Game Type: 
Roleplaying Game
2 - Focus/Imagination

"There is a natural and unavoidable balancing act in all RPG Systems that must be struck between simplicity and realism; the more of one, the less of the other. So sometimes the GM must make a judgment call between the two, by either using a more complex rule to handle a specific exception, which would lead to a possibly slower game, or keeping the rules simple and using the techniques of Retrofitting and GM Adjudication to maintain the simplicity. When creating new rules I try to maintain the balance between simplicity and realism, however, my guiding principal is this: When in doubt, keep it simple."