The Emperor's Heart

A shared narrative game portraying the lives of outlaw factions and underground heroes in a corrupt and dystopian steampunk galaxy ruled by seven immortal eunuchs.

Game Type: 
Collaborative Story
2 - Focus/Imagination

In this game, technology is more based on style rather than some kind of functional real world evolution of technological advances. You have swords, horses, boats, spaceships, robots, and cyborgs. I don’t spend a lot of time describing specifics for most technology, you can make up whatever fits for the game, just keeping in mind the ideas outlined below.

Aside from spaceships, the fastest modes of travel would be airship (50-60 mph), boat, or horse. There are no long range communication devices or means of recording video or voice. Holoscrolls have still images which have been carved into the crystal matrices through painstaking care. There are no guns, nor any kind of cannon smaller than vehicle sized.

Aside from traditional medicine, the one cybernetic advance which made it’s way into the general public was the replacement of limbs with mechanical ones. These limbs are stronger and more durable, capable of bending bulkhead. Most people who possess them have lost their limbs through accident or war, and it’s generally seen as a bad thing as much as having an ugly scar on your face. Some criminals and slaves are forcibly given Steambodies, though they are kept from rebelling with a “Break Pin”, which is built into each of the limbs. The Break Pin is designed to give out after a day or two, which leaves the limb useless. Any rebellion will be short lived. Some mechanics can build workarounds given enough time and resources.