The Enclave

A collaborative Storygame. Over the course of an hour or two, you and your friends will construct a narrative about a Community of heroic (or delusional) isolationists, who construct for themselves an entrenched bastion against (what they perceive to be) the hostile forces of the outer world. As they bolster up the defenses of their outpost, they will encounter unexpected misfortunes and betrayals, and fight bravely (or foolishly) against threats from the Outsiders whose world they have abandoned, until a final day of reckoning arrives.

Game Type: 
Collaborative Story
2 - Focus/Imagination

The Enclave is carried out in three distinct phases:
i) The Establishment Phase: Players collectively decide upon the type of Community they want to tell a story about, and draw a simple map of the Enclave to which these characters have retreated.
ii) The Ordeals Phase: Players will take turns describing how the Community fares in building and maintaining their Enclave, and how they cope with steadily escalating challenges, both from within and from without.
iii) The Denouement: Players will determine by ballot which of their number was the best storyteller during the Ordeals phase. That individual will briefly describe the ultimate fate of the Enclave, along with that of its inhabitants and the greater cause for which they stood.