Everyone is John

A freeform storygame in which players portray the voices in the head of an insane man named John.

Play begins with John waking up in the morning (and a test for control of him). The GM then describes the circumstances into which he wakes up. With John, you never can tell. He could be in a gutter somewhere, or he could be in a palatial estate, or anywhere in between. The Voices really have no idea how they ended up here. At this point, the Voices should start working on fulfilling their obsessions and avoiding getting John killed.

Game Type: 
Collaborative Story
1 - Super Easy

First, you pick a name for your voice. Everyone playing as a voice chooses what they will try to make John do. This is called their Obsession. When they successfully make John do these things they earn points. These are divided into three categories, Leveled from one to three.

  1. Level One: Simple, one-step things like eating candy, yelling in public, basically anything that only requires one roll.
  2. Level Two: Slightly more complicated or dangerous tasks, things like collecting and throwing baseballs, running a mile in a new/stolen pair of shoes, or "dining and dashing". These typically require slight planning, or at least 2 rolls.
  3. Level Three: Okay, now we are getting serious. This is reserved for extremely difficult actions to pull off without serious planning involved or without someone taking note. Blowing up buildings, swimming in excrement, robbing a bank, etc.

You keep your Obsession hidden from your opponents for more shock value.

Now you choose your two Skills. John is an overall very unskilled person; never been really good at anything, unless a voice tells him to do it. Any roll you are not skilled in requires a 6 on a D6 die. Actions you have skill in only require a 3+.