Far Away Land

FAL is a fantasy RPG with elements of science fiction, horror, humor, and pop culture. You may think you recognize the IP it's based on... but you'd be wrong about that!

FAL is focused on storytelling. The rules are streamlined and simple so that brand new gamers and veteran gamers alike can pick it up and play. To get started you can download the free Quick Start Rules. These condensed rules give you the basics of FAL and help you to get going on the road to awesomeness.

Every month the publishers release new (free) adventures. These adventures are full color and feature new maps, monsters, and adventure ideas.

Game Type: 
Roleplaying Game
3 - Mildly Crunchy

How does Character Creation Work?
Far Away Land is a medieval fantasy world, similar in technology and myth to medieval Europe in our own world with a mix of some weird tech. However, unlike our own world, humans in Far Away Land are fairly rare and are far outnumbered by other races. In Far Away Land, your character's ancestors were humans who came through the first fissures during the time of the Boom War. While being a human makes you somewhat of a rarity in the world, your skills, cunning, imagination, and drive to succeed separate you from many other races in Far Away Land.

Far Away Land has a very open character creation system allowing you to make just about any type of character you want. You come up with the concept and then provide Stats, Boons, Flaws, and a description to define the specificities of the character you have envisioned. Let's get started...

Character Creation is a 10 step process:
1. Character Concept
2. Assign Stat Points
3. Calculate Hit Points
4. Determine Armor Class (AC)
5. Determine Action (ACT) points
6. Determine Luck
7. Pick or Create Boons/Flaws
8. GM Decides starting Level (LVL)
9. Equipment and Money
10. Starting Magic (if necessary)