Fruit Hangs Heavy

A Norwegian Freeform RPG. Imagine that you draw the essence from your own youth. You boil out the juices of the billowing leaves and make an elixir that gives you all of it, refined.

The real teenage years had many false starts. The party you couldn’t find. The boy or girl who never became a boyfriend or girlfriend. The time you went out for drinks and all your expectations of magic weren’t fulfilled.

Tonight something will be fulfilled. We don’t know yet what it is.

Game Type: 
Roleplaying Game
Collaborative Story
1 - Super Easy

The characters are youths – teenagers. We know that each of them represents a trait of youth. They don't know that themselves. The traits could, for example, be the wildness of youth; the naivetë of youth; the self-assuredness of youth; the beauty of youth; the half-finishedness of youth.

We'll all make characters. First we will, in turn, decide for the player to our left what trait his or her character represents. The player to my right starts – you get to decide what trait my character represents.


Soon the game will begin. It's divided into scenes. In each scene one of us will set the scene, and one or more of us will play our characters. Whoever sets the scene decides who gets to play their characters – but some scenes have special instructions for these and other things. We're going to shuffle the scene cards and put the stack face down. Put the top three cards on the table, face up.

The Scenes
In the game we'll start our scenes in turn. When it's your turn, you pick up one of the face-up scene cards and use it for inspiration. If there are any scene cards marked "Play immediately", you must choose one of them on your turn. The descriptions on the cards are only keywords – read them literally or metaphorically, as you like. The scene cards also show how many characters can be present – you decide which ones.