A game about faith. How will you choose between Good and Evil when all of Creation may be a lie?

The vast majority of Christendom asserts that God is the Creator. But the Gnostics believe the world to be a prison created by Satan, to ensnare and bewilder.

Unlike most role-playing games, Gnostigmata has actual winners and losers.

Game Type: 
Roleplaying Game
Collaborative Story
3 - Mildly Crunchy

Winning a Scene
Every time a conflict is won, that side gains a Rosary bead. If a player wins an individual Action within a Scene, he gains a white Rosary bead. The first player to gain five white Rosary beads wins the Scene for his side. (A scene can also be won by driving all players to an Agony of 7 or more on the opposing side.)

Winning a scene earns the following:
1) The right to narrate the outcome of the current scene
2) The right to push forward his character’s sub-plot by one step in the next scene.
3) The right to be the “dealer” in the Scene Framing stage of the next scene.
4) A black Rosary bead.

Winning an Act
The first side to gain five black Rosary beads wins the Act and earns the following:
1) The right to narrate the Act’s outcome.
2) The right to push forward the overarching plot by one step in his side’s favor, although this does not have to take place immediately.
3) A red Rosary bead.

Completing a Sub-Plot
When a player pushes his character’s sub-plot to its conclusion, meaning he both earns the right to push the sub-plot forward to its conclusion and narrates all scenes in the sub-plot, he gets the following:
1) The right to push the overarching plot forward by one step in his side’s favor in the next scene.
2) A red Rosary bead.

Winning the Game
The first side to accumulate a number of red Rosary beads equal to the number of steps in the overarching plot wins the right to narrate the entire plot to its conclusion. Doing so wins the game.