A tabletop rpg about broke goblins traveling to dangerous and fantastical places to find treasure and make rent. The character creation process is fast and collaborative, producing unique goblins with lots of personality. The core resolution system shares narrative pacing between players and the GM, keeping the focus on clear stakes and tough choices. It's a character-driven dungeon crawler that works for short, punchy sessions and long campaigns. The town itself is the key source of adventure, and improving it is a core part of character advancement.

Game Type: 
Roleplaying Game
3 - Mildly Crunchy

Goblinville is a character-driven dungeon-crawling RPG. Players create their goblins collaboratively and send them out to explore the world and find treasures. Each player rolls or chooses their job, starting inventory, and background. After that, they introduce their goblin to the table and the other players choose a title representing their reputation in the community and a trait representing their relationship with the other goblins. This creates memorable characters with a sense of shared history.

In the course of play, players describe their goblins actions and manage their limited inventory. When they describe a risky, uncertain action, the GM calls for a roll and states exactly what's at risk if the roll fails. The player always rolls at least two D6. After rolling, the player has to assign their dice to different outcomes: if only one of their dice is a high result, they will have to choose whether to succeed at their action or avoid the danger the GM foreshadowed. This system results in a lot of interesting compromises and partial victories. Players can add extra dice to their roll for their goblin's traits and titles, which keep the characters right at the forefront of play.