The Great Long Dark

This is a game about the price of freedom, about what we would sacrifice for our people, and for the ones we love. A game about leaving, about journeys that change you, about desperation, and about finding hope in the strangest of places. A game about the Great Long Dark.

Thirty years ago your parents fled from the Tyrant’s Kingdom. They packed their things in secret, and prepared to make the long hard journey through the underground, to freedom. As they went, they made a promise to the suffering many they left behind. To the brothers, sisters, uncles, and friends, who lived under the Tyrant’s yoke in daily fear. Your parents promised to return, as soon as they could. To return with steel, and iron, and vengeance. To return and rescue those who remained.

Now your parents’ people, your people, can wait no longer. Now you must journey to the Tyrant’s lands and bring them home.


Per player:

  • 1 Character Sheet
  • 1 Two-sided Token (e.g. coin)


  • 9 Labyrinth Cards
  • 10 Counters to Symbolize Taint
  • 2 Markers to Symbolize the Children and the Parents (e.g. minis, figures, meeples)
  • 1 X-card
Game Type: 
Roleplaying Game
Collaborative Story
2 - Focus/Imagination

Begin the journey.
Each player draws two labyrinth cards.
The most courageous starts.
They are the lead player.They pick one of their cards and place it down for all to see.
That player moves the Children marker onto the card, they have taken their first steps.
That player reads the bottom half of the card out loud, and then answers, from the perspective of their character, the question:
What happened?

Anush puts a card on the table.
She reads out loud: This is the place we destroyed the lurking horrors. What happened?
Anush thinks for a minute: I think we had heard our parent’s stories, and we were ready for them. We set up an ambush. Even though we were so scared, trembling, we knew our silver would end them in seconds.