The Great Tournament

A tiny, folded storytelling game. You portray a martial artist come to compete in the greatest tournament ever held. But what are your real goals? Not everyone is simply here to win! Pull up a seat at the breakfast table and find out what your fellow martial artists are really competing for. Honor? Respect? Revenge? You'll find out soon enough, grasshopper.

Print it out double-sided. Fold in half, then in half, then in half, keeping the game's title visible after each fold. Heck, you can even make copies and hand them out at your local gaming store! The whole thing is covered by a Creative Commons license, so as long as you don't sell it or remove the author's name, you can do whatever you want with it. Pay what you want.

Game Type: 
Roleplaying Game
Collaborative Story
2 - Focus/Imagination

In each day of the tournament you are given one suit of cards, ace through king. You pick six of these and place them face-down in front of you. Each time another player challenges your story, they must play a card. You reveal one of your own cards and the person with the higher card wins the challenge. You can combine two (but not more) cards in order to beat a higher card. You must narrate the result, whether the challenger won or not.

When you have no more cards left to flip over, your character's day is done. He or she rests, watching other bouts, eating in the mess hall, sulking in the temple, or just sleeping.

If two players face each other in the tournament, treat it like a normal day in all ways. Only one of the players can tell the story of the bout; the other must tell a story that seeks to accomplish a different goal.

When the final day comes, each goal you accomplished yields a number of cards equal to its importance. All players take turns narrating their attacks and techniques, playing cards to represent their prowess. The player whose cards add to the greatest total defeats all the others, and is named champion of the tournament.