Inception: The Unofficial Role Playing Game

This roleplaying system was designed to allow fans of the film to play out other mission ideas they would have. It has all of the terms present in the film and script and is a very accurate representation of everything that millions came to know and love.

Game Type: 
Roleplaying Game
3 - Mildly Crunchy

Materials Needed
• Standard Array Of Dice
This includes all of the standar dice found in a set of seve. This includes at least 1 four sided (d4), 1 six sided (d6), 1 eight sided (d8), 1 ten sided (d10), 1 twelve sided (d12), and 1 twenty sided (d20).
• JENGA Tower
Used to illustrate how stable a dream is. Rather than being stacked as a normal tower, it is to be stacked with three blocks on a single level, all the blocks on their sides.
• Writing Utensils
Whether it be pens or pencils, you will need to have at least one of these in order to keep track of your general character advancement.
• Character Sheet
Preferably a 3x5 Note Card, this will be used to mark down everything that makes your character who they are.

Probably the single most important element of this system is that of entering someone elses dream. As stated in Chapter One a JENGA tower is used to illustrate how stable a dream is. Whenever a player changes something in the world, whether it be summoning a weapon, vehicle, or killing projections, that player will have to remove the amount of blocks as seen appropriate by The Architect (usually ranging from one to three) then replacing them on top of the tower. When the tower falls over the dream collapses and everyone wakes up.