A modular, universal table top role-playing game system that provides a toolbox to customize your game to any world you can imagine. Blending tactical simulation with cooperative narration, Krendel's single die resolution provides the gradient of your success, or an alternative to failure, that may be tailored to help you realize the intent of your actions. It's a bit crunchy. It's also free. For more information and downloads, see link.

Game Type: 
Roleplaying Game
4 - Moderately Crunchy

First, if there's any questions about what the player is trying to do, stop and ask them. Help make sure they taking the course of action that would reasonably help them realise their intent. Once that is settled, you need a target number. In Krendel's baseline rules (i.e. not using any options), this target number is equal to four plus your effective skill level, but it can also be adjusted by bonuses and penalties. Then, using a d10, you want to get as close to the target number as possible without going over.

If 1D10 <= 4 + Skill, then SUCCESS!

If you succeed, then you get a number of successes equal to the number on the die. You then spend these successes to tailor the effect based upon the action you just performed.