Legendary Quest

A free RPG based entirely on actual European and Mediterranean folklore and mythology. There's no fluff here. It is a work of heart lovingly crafted by history-minded gamers that will blow your mind and just might teach you a thing or two about ancient European beliefs. Even if you're not interested in switching to a new gaming system right now, Legendary Quest offers a slew of fresh ideas to incorporate into your current campaigns.

Legendary Quest consists of a total of seven books, all of which are available for download (The Grimoire of Game Rulesâ„¢, The Tome of Terrorsâ„¢, The Lexicon of Loreâ„¢, The Manual of Mythologyâ„¢, Celtic Creatures and Nordic Nightmaresâ„¢ The Monsters of the Mediterraneanâ„¢, and The Handbook of Hazards and House Rulesâ„¢). These books are everything you need to play. (Well, ok, you'll need dice too.)

Game Type: 
Roleplaying Game
4 - Moderately Crunchy

Legendary Quest uses a four-sided (tetrahedral) die, the classic six-sided (cubical) die, a n eight-sided (octahedral) die, a ten-sided (decahedral) die, a twelve-sided (dodecahedral) die, a twenty-sided (icosohedral) die, and ESPECIALLY a thirty-sided (biggestohedral) die.