Lovecraftesque is a GMless storytelling game of creeping cosmic horror. Work with your friends to create a slow-building mystery culminating in a scene of eldritch terror.

Game Type: 
Roleplaying Game
Collaborative Story
1 - Super Easy

Example of Clue creation and Leaping to Conclusions

e.g. The Narrator says “Julia’s shoes made a gentle crunching noise as she walked along the stoney beach. The morning was cold and crisp, but the mainland was invisible behind the mist that hung over the greyish waters of the loch. She skimmed a stone across the water and watched it skitter along before disappearing, leaving only ripples. On the headland nearby, a movement caught her eye, and she stared as a hunched figure made its way down to the rocks, carrying something heavy on its back. The figure stopped at the water’s edge and swung its load into the water.”

The Narrator writes “hunched figure disposing of something heavy” on an index card and adds it to the other Clues.

Once the scene is over, player A writes on their Conclusions sheet “The locals are making blood sacrifices to a fish-monster, which eats the victims.” Player B writes down “The village is being taken over by pod people. They kill the people they replace and throw the bodies in the bay.” Player B is Narrator next, and introduces a Clue of a large hollow husk found in the woods.