A rules-lite RPG based on "Inception". Players portray highly illegal con men who steal information from unsuspecting people while they sleep. The Mechanic uses the diceless tension building of a Jenga tower. This tower represents the stability of The Dream. The Dream takes place in The Architects mind (one of the PCs), and he controls all of it. He can alter the weather, the physics, the landscape and the buildings. The GM does not describe the world of The Dream to the players, The Architect does.

Game Type: 
Roleplaying Game, Collaborative Story
2 - Focus/Imagination

Since the team defines the world of The Dream (via The Architect) they can do anything they want within the dream. They can create endless roads that lead nowhere, M.C. Escher like landscapes, impossible objects such as Penrose Stairs and The Devils Tuning Fork. Individual objects can be created by any team member from guns to air planes. The more out of character the objects are in relation to the reality of The Dream the more destabilized The Dream becomes when they are used. An example of this would be using a particle beam cannon on a tank in a dream that is set during World War II. Only The Architect can change the world of The Dream on the fly but anyone can dream objects. This means that the team must work with world The Architect defines for them. They cannot create the roads, only The Architect can, but they can create the cars to drive on them.