Magical Cats in Various Lighting Conditions

Magical Cats in Various Lighting Conditions gives us a cute little town, a place called Summer’s End, full of cats, humans, and spirits. The game focuses on the stories the cats of this town tell.

You’ll play a cat with magical powers in a semi-magical world, such as those of Miyazaki films, or like the world of Chuubo’s Magical Wish Granting Engine.

This game draws inspiration from Happy Rebel Tapestries’ Bell Songs, from John Harper’s Blades in the Dark, and from Jenna Moran’s Chuubo’s Magical Wish Granting Engine.

There is no GM, and players work collaboratively to complete their Destinies together, eventually returning home to share a meal with one another.

The game is played with a set of PnP cards (included), some playbooks, and some d6s. PWYW.

Game Type: 
Roleplaying Game
2 - Focus/Imagination

The core of Magical Cats in Various Lighting Conditions is the use of Destinies. Destinies are cards with loosely thematic actions that player characters might take within the fiction. At the beginning of the game, players choose one Destiny to guide their actions.

When a player takes an action related to the one described on their Destiny card, they may check the box to signify its completion. After completing three of the five possible options, the Destiny is considered to be completed, and the player should choose one of the Destiny completion moves to introduce into the fiction of the game. After completing a Destiny, players level up. They look over their playbook, and choose to either circle a new Truth, or gain a point in an Approach. They then choose another Destiny, and continue to play through the story as before.