At the Monarch's Gate

You and your companions have traveled across long distances and faced many trials to come to this point, in the hope that you will be heard by the one person who can grant you what you need. Now you stand at the gate to the Monarch’s throne room, seeking entrance and an audience. All that stands in your way is the Gate Guard, who extends their hand and demands that you leave your weapons at the door.

At the Monarch’s Gate is single-session, GM-lite storytelling game for 2-6 players (3-5 recommended) that can be played in the space of two to three hours. You will tell the histories of the weapons you carry as you surrender them, one by one, before entering the presence of a powerful ruler. Use a combination of dice and Tarot cards to build your reputation while revealing your true intentions—or keeping them hidden until the moment is right.

Created for the 2019 Tropes Jam, At the Monarch's Gate was inspired by the "Extended Disarming" trope.

Game Type: 
Collaborative Story
2 - Focus/Imagination

You come before the Monarch