Monster Hunt

A CORE World of Post-Apocalyptic Beasthunting. The world is a place of grave dangers and constant chaos, but potentially great rewards for those willing to put themselves at risk. You are a hunter. You hunt monsters.

Civilized existence is scattered throughout the regions, hidden behind walls. The lands between these towns are vast and wild, barely explored if at all. This dark wilderness is filled with creepy creatures, big beasties, and massive monstrosities. This is where the Guild comes in.

The primary goal of the Hunters Guild is to protect the people in the towns and on the roads. The people who train as hunters dedicate their lives (what little left they have of them) to this goal. They don’t expect to live long, but they do experience an intense and exciting existence while it lasts.

Monster Hunt uses the CORE Micro game system.

Game Type: 
Roleplaying Game
Collaborative Story
3 - Mildly Crunchy

Before embarking on a hunt, the party must first assign roles. Each role has certain tasks they are in charge of, governed by specific Stats. Roles may be filled by multiple characters, except for the Guide. The only role that must be filled is the Guide. If a role is not filled, then obstacles testing it are done at a +2 to the DL.

1 - Guide - In charge of decisions concerning routes, rests, and supplies. Relies on BRAINS.
2 - Second - In charge of keeping up morale and assisting when needed. Relies on CHARM.
3 - Ranger - In charge of setting up camp, opening new trails. Relies on PSYCHE.
4 - Forager - In charge of finding food in the wild. Relies on HEALTH.
5 - Watch - In charge of keeping an eye out for danger. Relies on GRACE.
6 - Factotum - In charge of equipment upkeep. Relies on MIGHT.