Nightmare Theater

Nightmare Theater is a rules-lite tabletop roleplaying game built around one-night horror experiences. These are represented in Scenarios, single page rulesets that allow players to pick them up, make a character, and quickly get to play. This collection has the Nightmare Theater core rulebook with five Scenarios (Culture, Homestead, Motel, Terminal, and THEY) mostly focused around more contemporary horror. It also comes with the Better Off Dead expansion, with five Scenarios that cover dark fantasy (Diablo Obscura), sci-fi horror (Dark Flow), and more. The dynamic and flexible ruleset allows for customization and creation of Scenarios.

Game Type: 
Roleplaying Game
3 - Mildly Crunchy

Nightmare Theater is a single-session tabletop roleplaying game designed to emulate the feel of a frenetic, fast-paced horror movie. Player characters are human beings with no extraordinary powers, left with their quick wits and a bit of luck to escape the monsters chasing them. Each game is designed to be played in a single play session and is called a Scenario. The game is run by the Director, who controls the Scenario and the creatures menacing the player characters. Scenarios determine the Monsters, the Win Condition, the Looming Threat, and any specific Modifiers.