October Rust

October Rust is a tabletop roleplaying game about taking a personal fall for the greater cause, set in a fictional early modern setting. You play protagonists on a deadly heist who take a final stand, one last victory against an ungrateful world. October Rust lets you play through the heist and create your common cause.

It's a one-shot for 3-5 players (2-4 players and a game master). The one-shot session lasts around three hours. The adventure is made up just before the session, by answering five questions (Adventure List). Then you play to resolve your common Final Question.

Game Type: 
Roleplaying Game
3 - Mildly Crunchy

October Rust is a game about one’s personal autumn in matters larger than life; their last stand against a cruel and perilous world. Our adventurers aren’t here for loot-n-stuff, they’re fucked up protagonists whose spring has already passed (whatever that may mean). Folks who have been wronged, who dare to face the odds set against them. The game is not about progressing up, but about sacrificing your last resources to succeed once again: to make one last victory against an ungrateful world. To hit your last sting...