Ops & Tactics

A modular modern RPG with tons of content. Designed for everything from police investigation to para-military violence, Ops and Tactics excels in modern combat. Want to run a game where the Atlanta SWAT takes down gangs or a para-military operation in 'Nam? We've got you covered! The game includes an optional low-magic setting where modern technology and recently emerged mathamethics-based magic go hand in hand, opening up a whole new selection of game themes, from Magical Terrorists to Arcane Investigators!

Licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License and the Open Game License (OGL) where applicable.

Game Type: 
Roleplaying Game
5 - Highly Crunchy

Ops and Tactics is a tabletop roleplaying game focused around believeable combat encounters, with an emphasis on modern weapons and equipment. Combat is in-depth and allows for more fluid sequences of actions based around a system where players spend chunks of time every round to build their turns out of individual actions, packing each round with more choices and activity. Taking inspirations from video games such as classic XCOM, Metal Gear Solid, and Jagged Alliance, and films such as John Wick, Heat and The Town, each round is also more dangerous as a result a single bullet in the right place can end a fight as soon as it starts. A very extensive equipment and firearm list, with gun capabilities modeled after their real-world abilities lets you stat up and run just about any combatant you can think of. Batons, tasers, anachronistic melee weapons like swords and flamethrowers, and hundreds guns ranging from the wild west to the standard-issue of today and more make it possible, and spoil you for choice. If that’s not enough, the crafting rules allow for an industrious character to fabricate entirely new firearms from scratch, from simple zipguns to elaborate custom race guns, and even make their own customized ammunition to go along with their fabricated firearms.

Ops and Tactics is focused on modern combat, and is suited for running games set in a world similar to our own with an emphasis on combat and action.